What is Moissanite?

The true beauty of a Diamond is in the robust durability, elegant shine, and the ability to stand the tests of time. After 10 years, that ring should still be as beautiful as it was the first day you put it on. Here at Mintilo, we pride ourselves on providing a magical experience at a fair price. Ordinary Diamonds can cost upwards of 5 Figures and while most cannot afford this, we have found the solution. Moissanite.


Discovered in 1893

Born from the stars, Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He discovered microscopic particles of the gem that would later bear his name, in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. He initially thought that he had discovered diamonds, but later determined that the crystals were composed of silicon carbide.

A Better Diamond = A Better Planet

Saving Over 200 Tons of Earth

Stopping the Dangerous & Harmful practice of Drilling

Saving Over 100 Gallons of Water

It takes over 100 Gallons to mine 1 Carat

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Save Over 135 lbs of Carbon Dioxide

Stop the Environmental Destruction of our Beautiful Planet

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, silicon carbide, that is found in limited quantities in the earth. While moissanite exists in nature, it is so incredibly rare that it must be created in a lab to produce pieces large enough to cut into gemstones. When cut and faceted, moissanite is by definition, the world’s most brilliant gem.

We only use lab-grown diamonds and sustainable diamond alternatives because mined diamonds have a history of conflict, human suffering, and environmental abuse—the exact opposite of what a jewelry should represent.

A True Beauty

This beautiful gem, that glimmers in the light like a diamond and has the same durability while being only a fraction of the cost. This is our goal. Providing you with a beautiful experience that stands the test of time while being affordable and breathtaking.


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