Mintilo x Patina Oceana

Presented By:
Heather Maxine 
Originator and Designer for Patina Oceana

My passion for color, beads and design have offered me a terrific career as a custom, contemporary jeweler.
Living here on Maui, we are bathed in both soft and vibrant shades of sky blue, cloud white and translucent greens, giving me endless inspiration for Feminine and Natural beauty.

Last year I came upon a new medium that grabbed me and won’t let go! It’s known as Antique Roman glass.

14th Century 700-Year-Old Glass

This Roman glass dates all the way back to the 17th century and is found in exposed flood areas and river beds. These once broken, now shaped and polished pieces from household vessels, perfume bottles and apothecary jars are imbued with the iridescent, textured patina of antiquity with the oceanic colors of ancient sea side glass.

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I’m using the Roman glass in the form of beads, pendant pieces and a gorgeous selection of wabi sabi matching earrings, all with 14k gold wire and findings. Created along with gemstones such as Fluorite, Peruvian Opals, Citrine, Aquamarine and Chrysoprase.The pieces are all unique, translucent, opalescent, very light weight and comfortable.

Unparalleled Quality

The oceanic quality of the glass combined beautifully with fresh water pearls accompanied by stunning gemstones. All complementary to the unusual, beautiful, wild hues and nuances that these pieces of art contain. We Present to you. Patina Oceana. Classic, timeless and Artistic adornments that are Truly, One-of-a-Kind.